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Yego Taxi app enters Kenya with 12% commissions

In a post made today, we revealed that there are four e-taxi apps licensed to operate in the Kenyan market: Uber, Bolt, Little and Yego. However, people asked what service Yego is and where he appeared from.

Well, to be fair, the company has just launched in Kenya and its entry into the country has, as seen, been approved by the transport regulator. Its operations in Kenya will be run through a subsidiary, Yego Mobility Kenya Limited, and will see the company offer bespoke taxi services.

According to a statement from Yego, this development follows extensive on-the-ground feasibility studies over the past two years and aims to address issues for the driver and passenger community.

Yego now beats Little with the lowest commission at 12%. Little charges 15%, while others charge 18%.

The company adds that drivers get free personal accident insurance and medical insurance for eligible drivers.

Fares will also be kept in line with prevailing fuel prices and traffic conditions, and drivers can withdraw their earnings on demand with actual processing fees.

A SACCO (savings and credit cooperative) of drivers is being set up and YEGO Mobility Kenya has pledged to pay 10% of its dividend to SACCO to secure the future of the drivers.

Yego is a long-running e-taxi app in Rwanda, launched in the country in 2016. It was the first licensee in Rwanda to provide a smart mobility solution using smart connected fare meters (ICFM).

YEGO owns 100% of the taxi and bodaboda market in Kigali and will expand to cover the whole country. As the sole licensee in Rwanda, YEGO is ready to drive secure and intelligent digitization for the Boda and Taxi industry.

Yego riders can start a race by simply scanning a QR code with the unique “Pair Ride”. Passenger destination and preferred payment option are seamlessly transferred to enable navigation and fare calculation. The in-app wallet allows passengers to simply walk away at the end of the ride without having to withdraw cash or even enter a PIN.

After starting operations in Kenya a fortnight ago, Yego claims to have partnered with 5K drivers. It is currently limited to Nairobi.

“It is a very proud moment for YEGO Mobility to be the 1st application licensed by NTSA in Kenya. We are providing a tailored solution for Kenya, a solution specifically designed to liberate the driver community from the digital slavery of the gig economy,” said Karanvir Singh, CEO and Founder of YEGO Global.