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Urgent need for app-based taxi services in Goa: GSIA

Jul 20, 2022 | 06:06 IST

Urgent need for app-based taxi services in Goa: GSIA

We urge the government not to succumb to taxi union pressure tactics and instead adopt a long-term solution.

Team Herald

VASCO: The Goa State Industries Association (GSIA) had supported the government’s decision to introduce app-based taxi services in the state.

GSIA President Damodar Kochkar said the Association is of the view that the introduction of app-based taxi service aggregators is the only solution to end the woes of the traveling public. “We understand that the government has provided a subsidy of Rs 11,000 per taxi to install digital meters and that taxi operators have kept these meters non-functional. We urge the government not to succumb to pressure tactics by taxi unions and instead adopt a long-term solution to have a smooth and convenient mode of transportation,” Kochkar said in a press release.

According to Kochkar, it is a known fact that taxi operators, in the absence of digital meters and monitoring of taxi fares, defraud tourists as well as locals by overcharging with arbitrary fares. This has given Goa a bad reputation, nationally and internationally, as a favorite tourist destination. Goa lacks reliable public transport and therefore there is an urgent need for an affordable transport service if the government is to promote tourism,” he said,

Kochkar added that the Association has found that whenever any industry customer or supplier travels to Goa, they complain of being overcharged by taxi operators. Also, if their customer/supplier is staying in a hotel, the industry representative is not allowed to pick them up by the taxi operators. This cannot happen in any democratic country where people should have the right to choose their own mode of transport. However, the industry will certainly support if taxi operators in Goa launch their own app-based taxi aggregator, he said.