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UAE: 396 taxi drivers trained to provide the best services to passengers – News

Courses include five specialized programs

Published: Thu 30 June 2022, 14:32

The Ajman Public Transport Authority, APTA, trained 396 taxi drivers during the first quarter of 2022 as part of its drive to provide efficient and high-quality transport services.

Ms. Rasha Khalaf Al Shamsi, Director General of APTA, said this is aimed at empowering taxi drivers operating in the emirate with specialized and general training programs tailored to the working environment and public interest. .

She added that the training courses for taxi drivers include five specialized programs to acquaint them with the methods and means of dealing with the public and passengers, the list of offences, regulations and laws.

The program also informs them about the evolution of new decisions in road safety regulations, the most important tourist places in the country and the basics of the English language, etiquette and the art of dealing with customers.

Rasha pointed out that APTA seeks to adopt international best practices followed in the field of training and rehabilitation by harnessing the expertise available in the government sector.

She noted that APTA is adopting advanced methods of training taxi drivers to qualify them and realize the vision of the emirate.

“APTA believes in the importance of training and development that helps prepare drivers to improve their abilities and improve performance in their day-to-day tasks and assigned responsibilities,” she added.