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UAE: 25% drop in traffic fines for taxi drivers in Ajman – News

Increased driver awareness and deployment of supervisors responsible for steep declines

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Published: Thu 31 March 2022, 17:41

The number of traffic violations committed by taxi drivers and franchise companies in Ajman decreased by 25% in 2020-2021, according to statistics released by the Ajman Public Transport Authority (APTA).

The drop in numbers has been attributed to increased driver awareness as well as the deployment of supervisors, who monitor services, said Sami Ali Al Jallaf, executive director of the Public Transport and Licensing Corporation at APTA.

Authorities, he said, want to use the latest technology to monitor driver behavior and passenger complaints.


Internal and external tracking systems and surveillance cameras have been installed in all taxis. All relevant information on the movement of taxis, whether occupied or vacant, and driver data are recorded, he explained.

Training programs have been organized by APTA to ensure that drivers respect safety regulations and follow international best practices in terms of service levels.

APTA asked customers to share their opinions and suggestions by calling 600599997.