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TTAG: Public transport is inefficient, you need a taxi app | Goa News

Panjim: The Goa Travel and Tourism Association (TTAG) spoke out in favor of introducing app-based taxis in Goa and praised Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho for backing the service.
“All over the world, technology is used in the field of passenger transport. App-based taxis have become popular and have transformed the transport industry in a seismic way. They bring transparency, convenience, are more cost effective and offer the consumer greater freedom of choice. It made the market more efficient,” the association said.
Ola and Uber should be allowed to operate in Goa with full police protection. However, some unethical practices adopted by these app-based taxi operators, such as underpricing and overpricing during certain times, should be regulated, the association said.
All app-based taxi operators should hire local drivers whenever possible because taxis are a big source of employment for locals, he added.
The association said the public transport system in Goa is highly inefficient and inconvenient. It is a nightmare for the elderly, especially those left alone.
Rickshaws and motorbike riders are also available at very few places. Affordable app-based taxis will result in less drunk driving, alleviate parking problems and lead to more efficient use of vehicles, he said.


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