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TMAP to operate Joby’s air taxi service platform in South Korea

California-based eVTOL developer Joby Aviation has entered into a new partnership to support its planned air ride-sharing services in South Korea. The company said it is partnering with TMAP, a South Korean mobility platform, to expand its existing partnership with SK Telecom (SKT).

Joby Aviation is partnering with TMAP, a South Korean mobility platform, and SK Telecom, a telecommunications company, to launch air ride-sharing services in the country. Joby Aviation Image

Joby plans to leverage transportation and mapping data that TMAP has collected over the past two decades to inform its Korean air taxi routes, infrastructure networks, and mobility services for Korean travelers.

“By cooperating with Joby, TMAP will become a platform operator capable of offering seamless transportation service between the ground and the sky,” said Lee Jong Ho, CEO of TMAP Mobility, in a press release.

TMAP will operate the ridesharing platform using the on-demand ridesharing app UT, which the company jointly owns with Uber.

“TMAP’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of mobility needs across Korea, along with millions of daily users across Korea, makes it a great partner and platform through which to deliver our air ridesharing service to customers,” said Justin Lang, Head of Partnerships and Corporate Strategy. at Joby.

Joby plans to operate its own ride-sharing service in the United States using the Joby app or the Uber app, which it plans to launch in 2024 after the aircraft is certified by US aviation authorities . In the meantime, developer eVTOL is also working to receive its Part 135 Air Operator Certificate later this year and begin testing air taxi operations in the United States using fixed-wing aircraft. conventional.

Joby is developing a five-seat eVTOL aircraft with a targeted range of 150 miles (241 kilometers) and top speeds of 200 mph (321 km/h). The company plans to have the aircraft certified in 2023.

TMAP is a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Square, a new company spun off from SK Telecom last year.