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Three Glasgow taxi drivers in same row refuse blind woman over guide dog

A blind woman has been saddened after she was run over by three Glasgow taxi drivers because of her guide dog.

The shocking incident happened to Allana Grant as she waited in a taxi rank outside Glasgow Central Station on Gordon Street last weekend.

The 33-year-old, from Airdrie, spent an evening in the city center with his partner Ian when they tried to get a taxi home around midnight – after being unable to book a cap at the using a taxi app.

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After waiting an hour at the row, Allana, Ian and guide dog Felix were knocked down ‘at close range’ by three different drivers before a fourth accepted them.

She told the Daily recording“The queue was huge as you can imagine for a Saturday night. The taxi marshal picked us up and they took us to the front where they tried three taxis.

“He asked if the first three handlers were okay with taking the dog and we just got a flat out. It was just a flat out no.

“It was sad but it’s happened before, you kind of resigned yourself because you know the authorities won’t do anything about it. I don’t see what I’m asking special – we’re just trying to go about our business. occupations.”

Allana said there should be “no reason” why the three – who are all believed to be licensed by Glasgow City Council who operate independently – should not have agreed to the tariff.

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She added: “‘There’s absolutely no reason why drivers shouldn’t take these dogs. As far as I am concerned, this is discrimination based on completely erroneous perceptions.

“People don’t bother to find out things, the dogs are very trained. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t drive. If my dog ​​was in trouble, I wouldn’t take him in one.

“The dogs are clean. You are taught in training how to groom them and this is done regularly.

Allana Grant with her partner Ian
Allana Grant with her partner Ian.

“There really is no argument that dogs make a mess or misbehave.”

Meanwhile, the taxi driver who accepted the fare, Stef Shaw, demanded that the three drivers in front of him be stripped of their badges.

He said: “Taxi drivers who have refused this guide dog or those who have refused any guide dog should have their licenses revoked immediately.

“They obviously have no compassion or care for people with disabilities and are not the type we want to see in our profession.”

Upon learning of the incident, Glasgow City Council called it “very concerning”.

A council spokesperson said: “This is a very concerning incident. It is both a criminal offense and a breach of their license for a taxi driver to refuse to pick up someone who is accompanied by a guide dog.

“If anyone has any information about this incident, we urge them to contact our taxi control team and we will investigate.”