Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are warned to keep payment details up to date or risk licensing issues

Taxi drivers have been warned to keep their payment details up to date when signing up for a new regular DBS verification service or risking trouble with their current taxi licenses.

Licensing authorities have recently introduced new criminal record checks every 6 months for taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers. It is widely recommended that all drivers register for DBSUS (Disclosure and Barring Service Up Service) to streamline the process. By joining the service, it enables licensing authorities to carry out checks on individual driver records at regular intervals.

All taxi drivers who do not register for DBSUS must request a new DBS check every 6 months. Taxi Plus licensing experts have also warned that licensing authorities can no longer issue temporary licenses until these important checks are completed.

To join the automatic regular DBSUS drivers, you must enter valid payment information. Once subscribed to the £13 annual fee, drivers save time and money, but need to ensure card details don’t expire.

If the card payment method expires during the taxi drivers license period, drivers MUST act quickly to upgrade to a new payment method.

John Garforth, vice president of the Institute of Licensing, said Taxi Point“Drivers should be aware of expiring cards and look for an email from DBS asking them to update their card. Failure to do so will result in a brand new DBS certificate being required, which could have an impact on licenses.

Garforth added: “The fiasco of manual DBS certificates and a faulty update service continues. DBS tells me that it will take until the end of 2023 before the bug that caused several hundred manual certificates to be issued is fixed. I lobbied for the update service payments to be changed to direct debit instead of card charge. We promise to investigate this, but not until the issue of manual certificates is resolved.

Taxi drivers and PHVs who have joined the DBSUS receive an email warning if their card payment method has expired. The email warns that if a new payment is not received within two weeks, the subscription will be cancelled.

Therefore, employers and licensing authorities will not be able to verify DBS certificates and the subscriber may have to pay again and request a new DBS check.