Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers angry at plans to relocate rows and spaces

The taxi stand on Kennedy Road needs to be moved.

Many Navan taxi drivers feel they have been ignored by the council

A GROUP of Navan taxi drivers are angry at the taxi rank proposals in the Navan 2030 plan, warning they will have serious repercussions on their business.

Danny Fitzpatrick, who represents 37 of the city’s taxi drivers, said they were completely ignored by the council when it came to taxi ranks.

“The new proposals are going to make it very difficult not only for the taxi driver but also for the passengers,” he said.

“The local bus service carries 2,000 passengers a week, but the taxis carry 10,000, but we are treated like second-class citizens,” he said.

“What will be offered at the mall is totally insufficient.

“The new row at the back of the shopping center is away from traffic. There is also a slope going up from the mall which will make it very difficult for older people to push the shopping carts up the row.

“The few spaces we will have in the existing row at the mall will be behind the bus stop, so people coming out of the mall won’t even know we’re there.

“They could have left them in front of the bus stops.

“We don’t know why they are putting spaces at the Fair Green and there are now four spaces at Aldi but one would do there. No one will want to park in the row at Blackcastle as it is never used.

Mr Fitzpatrick said Trimgate Street could be used as an overnight taxi stand and additional stations could be provided at the mall.

Among the suggestions from the group Mr Fitzsimons represents was that the new Abbey Road taxi rank should be extended to Argos, leaving space for the entrance.

Many taxi drivers offered to place a station at the main entrance to the shopping center on Paddy O’Brien Street.

A spokesman for Meath County Council said the revised layout of Kennedy Road and the relocation of the existing taxi rank to Abbey Road was included in the statutory public consultation process.

“It should be noted that on completion of the new taxi rank on Abbey Road, the use of the existing taxi rank on Kennedy Road (12 seats) is to be revoked and a new taxi rank created on Abbey Road (11 seats),” she said. mentioned.

“When the road works on Kennedy Road are complete, including the bus interchange, there will be seven new taxi spaces created on Kennedy Road directly adjacent to the bus interchange (available to the public, including shoppers and also bus passengers disembarking from bus services). “There will also be two ‘time plate’ taxi spaces – taxi spaces from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. and loading from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“Further additional taxi spaces are to be provided as part of Navan 2030 work,” she said.