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Taxi app Uber announces partnership with Oswestry

ONE of the largest taxi companies in the world will operate in tandem with an Oswestry firm after launching a ‘local’ service.

Uber on Tuesday announced the launch of Local Cab in Oswestry, which gives riders the ability to book rides with a local operator through the Uber app.

Anyone opening the Uber app in the city can select the Local Cab option, as well as the regular UberX and UberXL options.

Local taxi routes will be passed on to Oswestry’s operator, Acorn Taxis, and all further support will be provided by them.

The arrival of Uber’s new Local Cab product in Oswestry follows a series of previous launches in cities across the UK, including Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Matt Young, manager of Oswestry Cars, said they were excited about the Uber tie-up and said it would make it easier to get a taxi in the city.

He said: “We look forward to making Local Cab available to the people of Oswestry.

“We believe that now, more than ever, a product like Local Cab is needed – with demand for taxis continuing to rise and passengers needing more options.”

“We’re making it faster and easier for people to get around Oswestry by connecting more riders with taxi drivers through the Uber app.

“The partnership also allows us to offer new employment opportunities to our drivers.”

Andrew Brem, managing director of Uber UK, also welcomed the partnership and added that other cities will join Oswestry in the future.

He said: “Oswestry will be one of the first towns in England where passengers can access both UberX and Local Cab in the same app.

“This will help maximize revenue opportunities for drivers while giving Oswestry passengers more choice, which means everyone will benefit.

“We look forward to launching Local Cab in other cities across the UK soon.”