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Taxi App Free is now seeing growing demand for its online training program

Multi-mobility app Free Now has seen growing demand for its online training program that helps aspiring taxi drivers pass the National Transport Authority’s SPSV entrance test.


Since the start of 2022, the volume of enrollment in the further training program has steadily increased, with 20% more candidates enrolling in April compared to January of this year. And according to current driver data, nearly 60% of new driver partners who joined the Free Now app in 2022 have completed the training initiative.

The online training program, called The Manual, can be used by aspiring drivers as an educational aid to help them prepare for the SPSV entrance test, which requires a pass rate of 75%.

Free Now encourages more people to use the training program to help them obtain their SPSV license and replenish the depleted national fleet, which has shrunk by around 30% over the past decade.

Research conducted by Free Now with partner taxi drivers this month reveals that the majority (60%) enjoy working as a taxi driver and would recommend it as a career choice. According to drivers, the top three benefits of working in the taxi business are self-employment, the ability to choose your own work schedule, and the ability to maintain a good work-life balance. 30% of drivers also cited the social aspect of the job and interacting with passengers as their favorite part of the job. Regarding the challenges faced by aspiring candidates wishing to join the taxi fleet, almost a quarter of registered taxi drivers said that difficulty in passing the SPSV entrance test is a barrier, and the fares of current taxis are a challenge according to 37%. More than a third (35%) believe that a lack of awareness of the positive aspects of the job could prevent future drivers from joining the sector.

The average candidate spends approximately 60 hours of study time on the Free Now training platform and typically completes both the training program and the SPSV entrance test within 12 weeks, although some may complete the process earlier depending on their own schedules and study approach. The training is free and available to anyone wishing to take the SPSV entrance test, with new participants welcome to start whenever they wish. All drivers who complete the training and then pass their SPSV entrance test can qualify for a bonus of €500 if they register as a driver with Free Now, which helps cover some of their costs initial startup. Free Now has pledged to invest up to €750,000 this year in rolling out its training and hiring bonus program for new drivers, with an overall investment of €4 million since the launch of the program in 2017.

Statement from the Managing Director of Free Now Ireland

Free Now Ireland’s Managing Director, Niall Carson, said: “The growing number of candidates entering our training program since the start of 2022 is great to see as it reflects a new interest in careers in the taxis at a time when the national fleet remains depleted. The online program is very user-friendly and accessible, offering flexible learning support that enables self-directed learning for drivers who want to pass the SPSV entrance test and start a new career as a taxi driver.

“Taxi drivers play a key role as part of Ireland’s wider public transport network – and as the only on-demand service they help keep people moving and meet individual transport needs, including working at peak hours.It is so important that they are supported in pursuing and maintaining their careers as essential providers of an essential service.

“We hope that our continued investment in this training program will help support Ireland’s evolving transport needs and complement other much needed measures, including the Government’s proposed legislative changes to support the transport sector. economy, as well as the National Transport Authority’s proposed increase in taxi fares. A collective effort is crucial to support taxi driver retention and encourage more drivers to join our national taxi fleet and continue what, for many, is a very rewarding and flexible job.

Free Now Licensed New Driving Partner Statement

Co. Dublin’s newly approved Free Now Driving Partner Qi Nian said: “The Free Now training program was a great learning aid when I was preparing for the SPSV entrance test earlier this year, and I’m glad I made it and am now a licensed taxi driver.As a new member of the national taxi fleet, I look forward to the flexibility of work, helping passengers get to and from point A to point B and hopefully some memorable conversations and laughs along the way!”

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