Taxi drivers

Taplow residents angry at ‘cab drivers urinating on lawn’

An angry resident wants a parking area removed on Bath Road, claiming taxi drivers are using it as a ‘toilet break’.

A petition has been sent to Buckinghamshire Council asking for the parking area on the A4 in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, to be removed due to continuing issues.

The online petition, which was filed on Tuesday August 23, claims that truck drivers are causing nuisance during the night and during the day.

They claim it affects their parents’ home and the residents who live next to them.

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He says, “Many times trucks park there day and night and cause unnecessary disturbance – the loud noises when they park there overnight or during the day so the driver can rest. There were a few occasions when trucks blocked our driveway.”

More shockingly, the petition claims that “taxi drivers” were seen urinating on residents’ lawns.

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Adding: “We have caught several taxi drivers using this as a ‘toilet break’ point. The drivers are littering here too. This is unacceptable. Our neighbor had similar issues.

“It’s bizarre as this is the only point along Bath Road that has parking. I would like council to look into this and ask residents along the parking area to sign this petition and to have this car park removed. .

Buckinghamshire Council said it would not comment on the petitions live until it received all signatures.

The closing date for the petition is September 20. Click here to view the petition.