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Survey shows Istanbulites unhappy with taxi services

Most people use them but few love them. Istanbul’s taxis have been the subject of an investigation, the results of which were published on Tuesday. The survey shows that 77% of participants are dissatisfied with taxis but surprisingly, it is not the reckless behavior of the drivers that annoys them.

Instead, respondents mainly complain about high taxi fares and uncertainty about future fares. Safety was another concern for people interviewed by survey firm Konda when it comes to taxis. Four in five also said the city of more than 15 million people needed more taxis to improve services, while nine in 10 said the government should introduce new regulations for taxis . The decision to increase the number of taxis rests with local municipalities, such a decision by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) pitting it against taxi drivers and owners who claim that the city has enough taxis.

Since April, the cheapest taxi fare for a short distance is 28 TL ($1.67), after a 40% rise in prices. The rise came amid rising gasoline prices.

According to the Istanbul survey, some 5 million people take taxis in the city while those who prefer not to take them cite high prices as the main reason. A small fraction of people say they avoid taking taxis for safety reasons.

Most people believe that an update to the taxi system could fix most service issues. The majority of them consider taxi apps as a way to achieve this. Apps are useful for determining the correct route to reach one’s destination and calculating estimated costs in advance, also offering the option of paying by credit card. A handful of apps are currently available for taxi hitchhiking in Istanbul.

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