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Prince Rupert could be without taxi service for 5 days – Prince Rupert Northern View

Skeena Taxi is reduced in service for five days until estimated July 23, due to COVID-19 among clerical and administrative staff. Customers are encouraged to download the Skeena Taxi app. Driver Maninderjit helps passengers into the cabin on April 28, 2021. (Photo: KJ Millar/The Northern View)

Prince Rupert could be without taxi service for 5 days

Skeena Taxi operates hour by hour, clerical and administrative staff affected by COVID-19

Skeena Taxi Ltd., is currently operating on reduced services and working hour by hour due to clerical and administrative staff affected by COVID-19, the organization announced on July 18.

Prince Rupert’s only taxi company may have to shut down for five days, estimated until July 23, depending on the health and well-being of office and administrative staff.

Bill Langthorne, director of the transportation company, advised customers to download the Skeena Taxi app, which is free from the App Store. The app will allow customers to order taxis in a safe and socially distanced way when office staff are away from the establishment.

Langford said through a staff spokesperson that at this time the company is not aware of any drivers affected by the virus and that decisions will be made regarding operations at the as things evolve. Evening and night services may be closed as there is less demand during these hours.

Although this is a stressful situation for the business, Langthorne said, the app will help passengers be able to continue ordering vehicles while services are reduced, but longer wait times may occur.

The phone app will send information to Skeena’s computer system, which will then send the next available cab. Customers should note that if the app icon continues to spin, it means a taxi is wanted, the company said. The icon will stop spinning when an available trip has been found.

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