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Online Taxi “Kerala Savari”; driver registration, number of people who downloaded cross 7000 app, security features include call masking – KERALA – GENERAL

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Online registration has been opened for drivers who wish to join the government’s ‘Kerala Savari’ online taxi service. The application has already been downloaded by 7441 people. The project should extend beyond the capital.

Drivers had to reach the call center to register. The app for drivers is now available on Play Store. The application was developed by Indian Telephone Industries in Palakkad. Hundreds of drivers have already downloaded the app. 575 drivers including women joined the program. Registration is done by giving the mobile phone number, license and vehicle number.

Kerala Savari was inaugurated by Chief Minister on the first of Malayalam Chingam.

To get the service of Kerala Savari, you first need to download the app and register by giving your name and email address. Once you get the OTP on your mobile, the connection is complete. You can give your location and your destination. Once this is given, you will get the car and automobile expenses for the ride. Select one of them and your vehicle will drive there to take you to your destination.

Also, the security feature of the app is hiding your phone number. This is to protect your cell phone number from falling into the wrong hands. Your mobile phone number will not appear on the driver’s phone when you call.

Authorities said some online taxi groups were trying to undermine the program.