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Online taxi drivers stage protest in Gojek’s office; Require Blue Bird excluded from the application

TEMPO.CO, JakartaAfter visiting Grab Indonesia office, members of Driver Online Indonesia (DRONE) came to Gojek office to stage a protest today, September 12. DRONE PR manager Abah Ajat said one of their demands was for Gojek to kick Blue Bird out of the app.

According to Ajat, GoCar drivers often have to share orders with the traditional taxi company. “We are asking the app developer, Gojek, to separate orders for Blue Bird and GoCar. Because Blue Bird already has its own app,” he said outside Gojek’s office in Blok M, in the South Jakarta.

Additionally, he said there was discrimination between GoCar and Blue Bird drivers. When Blue Bird drivers ignore passenger orders, they receive no punishment. On the contrary, the performance of GoCar drivers will decrease if they do. “It’s the gap,” Ajat said.

Apih Hedy, president of the Community of Bogor Raya (Kobra), shares his feeling. Apih said the collaboration between Gojek and Blue Bird actually knocked the GoCar drivers down.

“It’s like Gojek attacking his own GoCar drivers’ accounts, making passengers run to Blue Bird. It really hurts us,” he said.

Apih added that Gojek should know the struggle of GoCar drivers who have been with the company from the start. “Their growth is because we helped them grow as online engines,” Apih remarked.

Other demands from GoCar and GrabCar drivers include the return of the ride-sharing system that allowed drivers to choose orders, fare adjustments with respect to the fuel price hike, the removal of the 20% discount and the removal of additional costs on reduced order quantity. by customers or partner drivers online.

Drivers are also calling for a review of the partnership agreement and for companies to stop accepting new partners on the Gojek and Grab apps to maintain stability between passengers and driver partners online.


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