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One state, one taxi app! Goa Govt to develop mobile app for tourists to book taxis

Traveling to Goa? Taxi services are set to become easier to access as the government is likely to introduce a centralized app to book taxis in the state. The government has discussed the issue of taxi booking services in Goa and said that contributions from taxi associations will also be considered before developing this app. Take a look at everything you need to know about this new taxi app in Goa.

Goa to develop new taxi app

The main objective behind the creation and development of this app is to unite all taxi drivers and operators in one platform. This type of platform will only make it easier to find taxis, especially for tourists and frequent travelers. The Goa government has also assured the people that app-based taxi services will be available in the state very soon. However, private taxi owners are a little worried about the sudden development as it might bring them more competition.

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Achievements of Goa in Tourism

In addition to the taxi service, Goa Tourism was also commended for its achievements and efforts. The mobile application system was also hailed as one of the first states in the country. The state also received the best civic management of a tourist destination in India, the National Tourism Hall of Fame and Devotion to duty, which was awarded to lifeguards from a tourism agency. During the event, the leaders also discussed Goa’s initiative to further improve the state’s tourism system and work towards achieving sustainable tourism.

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