Taxi drivers

Oldham taxi drivers report an increase in violent attacks on cars

Oldham taxi drivers have reportedly been hit by the rise in senseless vandalism from yobs destroying their cars in recent months – putting them out of pocket due to repair costs.

Basharat Hussain, who represents Oldham Private Hire Drivers (OPHDA), said drivers operating in the borough have recently faced an increase in criminal damage to their vehicles, which leaves drivers with enormous emotional distress and implications. financial.

He said members of the public had caused serious damage to a number of private hire vehicles, including throwing objects at the taxis such as rocks, bricks or “anything big enough that they can get their hands on”, causing stress for drivers and drivers. all occupants of the vehicle.

Photographs show the extent of damage to a vehicle in a recent attack.

However, Mr Hussain said violence against taxi drivers was sadly nothing new for professionals used to people throwing objects and having to report to the police.

Some drivers tracked down some of the culprits and visited the parents of some of the young people responsible.

But he said Greater Manchester’s plans for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ), in which private hire vehicles pay a daily fee, retrofit their vehicle or trade it in entirely for a greener alternative, mean that drivers now pay much more to pay for the damage.

Although CAZ plans have been temporarily suspended in Greater Manchester, some private hire companies have already started upgrading their vehicles to newer, cleaner but more expensive models.

The Oldham Times: An image appears to show a large gash or dent in the side of a vehicle, caused by a violent attack.An image appears to show a large gash or dent in the side of a vehicle, caused by a violent attack.

Consequently, drivers have to pay for costly repairs on their new vehicles, which can cause them to lose out of pocket.

Photos of a recently vandalized taxi show the extent of the damage these attacks can cause, with many shattered windows and glass littering the pavement and inside the car.

A photograph appears to show a large gash in the vehicle’s body above a tire.

Mr Hussain said the problem is that “attacks are becoming more frequent and much more violent” and yet drivers are struggling to get prosecutions.

He added: “These attacks are often carried out after dark leaving no witnesses or CCTV coverage and if CCTV is provided it is usually of very poor quality due to lack of light.”

The Oldham Times: Abusers are rarely caught, according to Oldham's rep. Attackers are rarely taken, according to the Oldham rep.

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