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Ojek drivers online: Government powerless to take action against online taxi app providers

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe association of joe online Garda Indonesia Chairman Igun Wicaksono said ride-hailing app service providers have been arrogant in complying with government regulations as they are reluctant to lower app fees.

“This is strong evidence that even the government is powerless to take strong action against app companies,” Igun told Tempo on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

According to him, the government and app providers have so far issued a cliché reason that they have not made a profit and are therefore forced to deduct the funds earned by the drivers.

In fact, Igun said, some of them have achieved unicorn status with valuations of over $1 billion. “Startups that have reached the unicorn level always fight back [that they have] no benefits, which is just capitalist bragging for us as an association,” he remarked.

In addition, the government, which always expresses its pride in online transport service companies, has rendered drivers helpless. Not to mention that the government has not changed the status quo for online ojek drivers. Igun suspected this was done on purpose so drivers couldn’t fight or legally defend themselves against the applier in a digital industry dispute.

Igun also claimed that the online ojek fare hike was not the main demand from drivers because no matter how big the fare hike is, it is the companies that make the profit since they still charge the fees. applicable to more than 10%.

He also denied the company’s argument that the app fee was used for promotions and considered it a mere marketing gimmick. “We really can’t accept the reason,” Igun said.

Thus, Igun said that a maximum of 10% application fee is non-negotiable. The association will continue to organize a mass demonstration across the country until the demands expressed by joe online drivers are welcomed by government and app providers.


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