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Number of aspiring taxi drivers rises after pandemic in Ireland

Getting a taxi anywhere these days is a challenge. While we are all used to having to fight for an hour and a half on weekends, the pandemic has made it extremely difficult to get a taxi at any time. According to FREE NOW, the national fleet has shrunk by 30% over the past decade. This shortage of taxi drivers is by no means limited to Ireland alone; on a recent trip to Edinburgh, the situation was particularly dire.

However, they have recently reported an increase in the number of aspiring taxi drivers in Ireland. FREE NOW say they noticed a “growing demand for its online training program that helps aspiring taxi drivers pass the National Transport Authority’s SPSV entrance test. The numbers in April are up 25% with aspiring drivers in Dublin compared to last January (when we were at the height of our longest lockdown). According to this measure, the situation for taxis in Ireland should begin to recover in the coming months.

FREE NOW has also researched what its drivers find most positive about their job. In their study, they found that 60% of taxi drivers like their job and would recommend it as a career. They also say the main benefits are choosing your own hours, maintaining a good work/life balance, and being able to work for yourself. Almost a third of them said the social aspect of the job was also a huge benefit.

Some of the challenges faced by taxi drivers in Ireland are passing the SPSV test, as well as current taxi fares. The FREE NOW training program aims to help aspiring drivers pass the entrance test. You can find out more HERE.

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