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New image of ComfortDelGro’s taxi app with a new name

ComfortDelGro’s taxi booking app will be relaunched as CDG Zig on April 20, and the app will appear on users’ phones as a stylized “Z” icon. CDG Zig is a merger of ComfortDelGro’s taxi booking app and its now-disused lifestyle app Zig, which was integrated into the ComfortDelGro platform last month. The company first alerted consumers to the rebrand through its app and a video teaser on social media.

The CDG Zig app will provide users with taxi and ride-hailing booking functionality and lifestyle options such as restaurant reservations, as well as new services such as electric vehicle (EV) charging. According to a press release, the app will continue to grow with the addition of more ComfortDelGro services to its range of activities, from car rentals to driving lessons.

Jackson Chia, CEO of ComfortDelGro’s Private Mobility Group, said the decision to rebrand the app as an all-in-one CDG Zig app is “a step forward” in its strategy to offer customers access to its range of mobility and lifestyle offerings through a unified digital platform. “We have kept our core services such as taxi booking and restaurant booking at CDG Zig, and have also added the electric vehicle charging service as our latest offering as more fleet owners and vehicles are switching to electric vehicles,” Chia said. EV owners will be able to use the new CDG Zig app to locate and navigate to the nearest available EV charger operated by the Group’s joint venture, ComfortDelGro Engie.

ComfortDelGro also plans to gradually add other services under its wing, including private bus, car rental, learner driving and medical transport into the app. According to Chia, the intention is to cross-market transportation solutions to bring greater convenience to the various communities it serves. AAccording to Chia, Zig, launched last year as part of the Group’s foray into the world of lifestyle mobility, was “an eye-opening experience” and allowed the company to develop its skills in this new field of mobility. activity without interrupting its service offerings before for its taxi users. “Now is the time to merge the two so that we can make it easier for our customers to get everything on one app,” he said.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING has contacted ComfortDelGro for additional information about the rebrand.

While the newly launched CDG Zig app definitely touts a range of offers for consumers, a Telegram survey driven by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING found that more than half (56%) of respondents would always prefer to call the app “Comfort,” compared to just 4% who said they would call the app “CDG Zig.” About 40% of the public remained indifferent, at the time of writing.

In a conversation with INTERACTIVE-MARKETING, Graham Hitchmough, Regional Director of Operations, The Bonsey Design, said it made sense to bring the two platforms together and create efficiency and simplicity both operationally and from a consumer perspective. “The brand’s approach itself seems sensible. CDG obviously has ground transportation heritage, but has always struggled to keep up with the likes of Grab and Gojek from a technology and innovation standpoint. “

Hitchmough added:

Zig may not have a big usage or high profile just yet, but it makes sense to park any planned ecosystem of services under this new neutral name rather than CDG, which will always struggle to get beyond its roots. “taxi uncle”.

Essentially, while Zig may not be very well known, if the ambition is to create a multi-service platform, then it makes sense to move from CDG, he further explained, adding:

Using the CDG prefix, for now, retains the link, but there will also be thousands of vehicles with the new name emblazoned and millions of app refreshes, so publicizing the name shouldn’t be a problem

Ultimately, however, for the new entity to be truly successful and build customer loyalty, it will need to be at least on par with other players technologically while being seen to address the issues of rising prices, well- be drivers and availability of taxis. that are currently ravaging the Singapore market.

Jas Seow, Founder and CEO of ABrandADay, said the rebranding is a necessary strategic move given the company’s strategy to expand beyond transport booking. Therefore, staying with the current brand image would be irrelevant and could even confuse consumers. In short, a necessary evil. However, she added that “Comfort” could have been a better option because CDG is not known to consumers.

“When rebranding a familiar brand like ComfortDelGro, it’s all about the communications plan and go-to-market strategy. It’s beyond an announcement, as a seamless customer experience for customers existing ones and attracting new users will also be paramount and should be part of the plan,” Seow said.

Last month, ComfortDelGro sent out a mass text message notifying users that Zig is moving under the ComfortDelGro booking app. Zig has also stopped posting on its social media since October 2021, a previous verification by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING found. When Zig first launched last year, the app offered an interactive map-based interface for users to search for lifestyle services. ComfortDelGro Group Managing Director and CEO Yang Ban Seng has previously said that mobility in today’s digital world is no longer about transporting people from place to place.

“It’s about bringing services to people wherever they are, when they need them,” he added. Compared to ComfortDelGro, Zig had a more sassy, ​​youthful personality. He made headlines for his series of Facebook ads telling Singaporeans not to be boring.

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