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New hub to answer questions from Bolt taxi drivers

Bolt taxi drivers will have a physical location to ask questions, raise issues and receive information, the transportation company said.

The new hub will be located in Tower Road, Sliema, where current and potential taxi drivers and fleet owners can meet Bolt’s operations and customer service specialists and raise any concerns.

Transport manager Ryan Mahoney said the new hub reflects “our driver-centric business philosophy”.

Bolt said in a statement that “all drivers must undergo background checks and training before being allowed on the Bolt platform.”

Trusted features such as driver photo, name and rating further enhance the security of the service.

Previously, drivers could not contact Bolt management in person.

However, they had multiple online channels to communicate and a bi-weekly Q&A session with Bolt management.

The announcement comes a week after taxi drivers working on ride-sharing apps such as Bolt, Uber and Cool decided to form a cooperative and lobby for better working conditions.

Maltese drivers are complaining of being ‘dry pressed’ as the number of drivers increases and they are vying for a smaller and smaller slice of the same pie.

However, a Bolt spokesperson said the decision to open the new hub was unrelated to this development.

Couriers delivering food, usually on motorcycles, will not have a similar hub open. Instead, they can direct their concerns to a dedicated email address.

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