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Netizen says taxi drivers “show too much attitude” and “just want to hire drunks with long distances on Friday nights!”

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A frustrated netizen has taken to social media to complain about fussy taxi drivers asking for the passenger’s destination before agreeing to the ride. “Hiring a taxi on Friday evening can be officially announced as only for long journeys”, wrote the Facebook page Complaint Singapore Autumn Flower member on Saturday, May 14.

The netizen shared that at least 50 rental taxis passed by Friday evening while waiting in Tiong Bahru. “Never mind, I understand it’s not my day. Have to wait.” After waiting for half an hour, an available taxi finally arrived. The driver asked the passenger for the destination, which was Serangoon. “He didn’t even answer me properly and just closed the window and flew away,” written Autumn Flower. “What kind of attitude do some taxi drivers have?”

The netizen went on to say that on weekdays he would just stand in the driveway and taxi drivers would stop and ask him if he wanted a taxi or not.

“When busy, show too much attitude!” “It’s not time for a team change. They just want to hire the long-distance drunks on Friday nights! »

Members of the online community have noted that this behavior is quite common, although unacceptable.

“I hope this will remind everyone of the days when private rental cars didn’t exist back then and appreciate what we have now,” wrote Facebook user Anth Hco.

“Last time the taxis really had to wait a very long time to get one, and when they finally arrived our destination was not where the taxi drivers wanted and we had to wait again. “

Meanwhile, netizen Nur Nur pointed out that taxi drivers are not allowed to ask the passenger’s destination unless they change shifts.

“Even the shift change can’t go into the taxi stand. These are stated rules of LTA (Land Transport Authority). Next time you encounter this, please file a complaint with LTA as this taxi driver did not follow the rules.”

It is an offense for taxi drivers to refuse to pick up and carry passengers without a valid reason. He carries a compounding sum of S$300, six demerit points, as well as a possible two-week professional license suspension, LTA said in a statement. media response in 2019.

“This rule is clearly stated to each taxi driver when receiving his taxi license”, says LTA. /TISG

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