Taxi drivers

NABTA distances itself from taxi drivers’ strike

The Namibian Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta) has distanced itself from the protest planned for Tuesday by the Namibian Transport and Taxi Union (NTTU).

In a statement released by Nabta on Tuesday, President Jeffrey Platt said the association was unaware of the strike.

“Members of the public are advised not to panic. All taxi drivers and public transport operators are urged to continue their daily operations,” Platt said.

He said they were consulting with fuel retailers and petrol station owners and had engaged the Department of Mines and Energy, asking the government to consider reducing or waiving some fuel taxes.

Platt thinks that some fuel tax charges, if waived, could lead to lower fuel prices.

Consultations began last week and continue this week.

Nabta has also submitted a proposal to increase taxi fares from N$13 to N$15.

Meanwhile, NTTU President Werner Januarie said the protest would continue once police cleared it.

Approval is pending due to a fee protesters must pay for police presence and escorts, which the union says it is unaware of.

“We are still adamant that we are continuing our protest. Even if they want to stop our protest because of these funds, they have to bring us documentary evidence to show that we have to pay,” January said.

In addition to the removal of levies and taxes, NTTU wants the taxi fare to be increased to 18 Namibian dollars.