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MOE releases payment for Maxi-Taxi Scolaire services

The Public Service Transport Commission (PTSC) is actively seeking drivers to facilitate the Government Maxi-Taxi School Service.

Confirmation today from Acting Leader of Senate Government Affairs Paula Gopee-Scoon in response to questions about resuming service for students.

She noted that the resumption of services started yesterday (Tuesday) and some 44 lines have been eased:

“PTSC is actively seeking drivers for additional routes and has advised that by the end of next week most if not all routes will be serviced…once drivers are available,” she said. .

On Tuesday, Association of Maxi Taxi School Bus Operators (AMTSTC) President Rodney Ramlogan said the association was still awaiting word from the Department of Education to restart its service.

Ramlogan, however, said that even if the ministry decides to contact them, they may choose not to provide any service.

This, he said, was the result of promises to pay monies owed to drivers that never happened.

However, Gopee-Scoon assured that approximately $1.2 million in payment was released by the Ministry of Education to the PTSC during this school year, for school transportation services. She said the remaining bills totaling $184,000 were being processed for payment.

“And that would put an end to overdue payments,” she said.