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Mass of pre-booked taxi requests placed as railway strike continues

Rail strikes across the UK will continue this week after last-minute negotiations failed to prevent what is expected to be a huge nationwide disruption.

Demand for taxi services is expected to be high, while additional buses will go some way to providing rail replacement services where possible.

Millions of commuters and travelers are at risk of being hit by the biggest rail strikes to hit Britain since 1989.

Strikes will increase on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but disruptions are expected throughout the week. Talks between the RMT, Network Rail and the rail operators took place today, but no new agreement was deemed acceptable.

Mick Lynch, RMT General Secretary, said: “Discussions with Network Rail and rail operators continued today. The rail operators have now made a bid and there is no further offer from Network Rail after the one that was rejected last Friday.

“The RMT National Executive Committee has now found both sets of proposals unacceptable and it is now confirmed that the strike scheduled for this week will continue.

“It is clear that the Conservative Government, having cut £4billion of National Rail and Transport funding for London, has now actively prevented a settlement of this dispute.

“Railway companies have now offered pay rates that are massively below relevant inflation rates, on top of wage freezes in recent years.”

Lynch added: “Faced with such an aggressive program of job cuts, conditions, wages and pensions, RMT has no choice but to industrially defend our members to stop this race to the bottom.

“Strikes on Network Rail, train operators and the London Underground will continue, and we again call on our members to stand firm, support action, picket and demonstrate their will to fight for justice at work.

“The RMT supports the campaign for a square deal for all workers in the face of the cost of living crisis, and our current campaign is part of this broader campaign which means public services must be properly funded and all workers properly paid. with good conditions.

“RMT remains available for discussions that will resolve this dispute and ensure our transportation system can operate without disruption.”

Transport for London (TfL) has ‘strongly encouraged’ people not to travel on Tuesday June 21 and until mid-morning on Wednesday June 22, unless absolutely necessary, due to planned industrial action by the RMT and Unite unions.

London has been hit by the London Underground strike IN ADDITION to rail disruptions. TfL expects a significant impact on services on the London Underground, Overground and Elizabeth lines between June 21 and June 26.

Black cab apps already have HUNDREDS of pre-booked rides that drivers in London can accept. The demand for taxi services has been high throughout 2022.

minicabit.coma national private hire aggregator site, has urged local private hire operators to sign up to its platform ahead of upcoming railway and subway strikes to help cover demand for longer journeys.

The average fare booked on minicabit would already be around £70. The aggregator site expects some taxi companies to raise fares by up to 50% during the week of disruption.