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Many Taxi Drivers Choose to Stop Working Due to Recent Outbreak – Industry Representative

Many taxi drivers have recently chosen to stop working due to concerns about the risk of infection, Macau Taxi Drivers Mutual Association Chairman Tony Kuok Leong Son said today (Wednesday). to the Macau News Agency.

The union president said many taxi drivers, as a ‘high-risk group of people’ who will encounter a large number of passengers every day, have chosen not to work during the pandemic outbreak this time around. , because they are afraid of being infected and possibly spreading. the virus to their family members.

“A large part of the out-of-service taxis are now parked at the Macao Port parking lot of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge,” Kuok added.

Meanwhile, the association’s president pointed out that while taxi drivers can decide whether or not to pick up passengers with yellow codes, they would generally not choose to refuse.

The Health Bureau has announced that people with a code yellow can take taxis, but must notify the driver of their code yellow status and scan the location code attached to the car, or record the route directions by them -even if no location code has been put in the taxi.

“If taxi drivers choose to start working to maintain their livelihoods, people generally won’t refuse to pick up people with a code yellow because it will leave them with less business,” the chairman of the board said. association.

“The situation of encountering passengers with code yellow is almost unavoidable, we can only wear a mask and do our best to protect ourselves,” Kuok noted.

The union president also said he believed the SAR government would launch support measures for taxi drivers, but because the pandemic outbreak “came too suddenly” the policy might not be able to be drafted at this time.

In 2020, in order to reduce the economic impact caused by the pandemic on residents, the SAR government distributed 10,000 MOP to self-employed workers, including taxi drivers, tricycle drivers, tour guides, merchants street vendors, market vendors, water taxi drivers and fishermen.

At the start of the outbreak this time, the SAR government announced that it would provide seven pandemic relief measures totaling MOP 10 billion to businesses and residents to help overcome the impact of the new pandemic outbreak in the community.

The package of seven measures includes property tax relief for companies, fuel subsidies for the taxi industry, reimbursement of the annual vehicle fee, exemption or reduction of application fees, support for self-employed professionals and shops, a reduction in tourist tax and an interest subsidy. business loan scheme, but no detailed information on the seven measures has yet been announced.