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Man files complaint after 23 taxi drivers in Bangkok refused to serve him

An angry Thai man has slammed Bangkok taxis on his TikTok account for favoring foreigners after 23 taxi drivers refused to take him for a ride of less than 15 minutes.

The man said taxi drivers in the Asoke area only wanted to serve foreign passengers because they could rip them off with high fares.

Thai TikToker, @iceprapadang, uploaded the experience to his social media account while waiting for a taxi outside the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok’s Asoke district.

The caption on TikTok read…

“Breaking the record! Called the most taxis in my life! Called 23 taxis but no one served me (#sucktaxi). Watch the video here.

The video features the wet road around the Terminal 21 shopping center and the huge traffic on the road. The man kept calling taxis one by one, telling them he wanted to go to Klong Toey Nok temple.

All the taxi drivers refused him, saying they had to go in a different direction. Some refused and were angry with him while others didn’t even stop even though the vacant sign said available.

He also included a screenshot of a map showing it only takes 14 minutes from the Terminal 21 mall to his destination.

He finally got a taxi on the 24th attempt. He said…

“I know why people are turning to the Grab service instead. I believe there are good taxi drivers, but they are quite rare.

Many Thai netizens agreed with him and shared similar experiences.

A woman said…

“Grab is the only answer, especially during the rain.”

Another woman said…

“I took a taxi with my foreign boyfriend. It costs 1,000 baht for 4-5 kilometers.

A man said…

“Poor service but they always ask for better rates.”

Many people said they were cheated and overcharged. They added that most drivers did not use the meter system and forced passengers to pay at a higher rate.

Some netizens urged the man to report the registration numbers to the Ministry of Land Transport.

According to Article 57 of the Vehicles Act, drivers of public transport shall not refuse to serve passengers, except where the service is likely to endanger drivers or passengers. If drivers do not follow the rules, they will be subject to a fine of up to 2,000 baht.

THE SOURCE: Daily News | TikTok @iceprapadang