Taxi drivers

London taxi drivers prepare to pay return fare at Heathrow Airport

From tomorrow (Saturday 30 April 2022), London black cabs must pay a £5 fee to drop off at all terminals at Heathrow Airport.

Following public consultation, Transport for London (TfL) recently agreed to a number of changes to taxi fares and fares. Taxi drivers can now add a charge of up to £5.20 to the fare when dropping off passengers at any of the Heathrow Airport terminal drop-off areas, unless their taxi n has been registered for a Blue Badge dealership.

The terminal drop-off charge will be managed by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems – similar to those used for the London Congestion Charge and the Dart Charge – and will apply to all vehicles using the drop-off facilities at Heathrow Terminal. Blue Badge holders will be entitled to a 100% discount. Drivers will have the option to pay the £5 fee in advance or by midnight the day after drop off. Payments can only be made by card, either online or through an automated telephone service.

Taxi drivers are advised to set up an automatic payment facility via the Heathrow website to ensure payments are paid on time. Failure to pay will result in a Parking Charges Notice (PCN) of £80, reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days.

Taxi drivers and other motorists can set up automatic payment by registering with Heathrow here.

TfL reminded drivers yesterday via its weekly email, saying: “Changes to taxi fares and fares – as set out in Notice TPH 05/22 – take effect from Saturday (April 30).

“From this date, taxis will be required to pay the Terminal Deposit Fee at Heathrow, but can choose to add a charge of up to £5.20 to the fare when dropping off passengers at any of the terminal’s drop-off areas, unless their taxi has been registered for a Blue Badge dealership.

Last month, taxi representatives issued a statement REJECTING the idea of ​​customers paying the surcharge. The United Cabbies Group (UCG) has argued that by agreeing to an additional fee, it opens up an unprecedented opportunity for other private ranks and depots around the capital to charge similar fees.

A UCG spokesperson said: ‘UCG is totally opposed to Heathrow drop off fees being added to our ‘Extras’ meter, or else paid for by drivers.

“If we don’t dispute that, be prepared for station charges, road charges, etc. follow. We are publicly hired and therefore should have the same exemptions as buses.