Taxi drivers

Letters: Taxi drivers were amazing on Wednesday

I recently tried to help two disabled friends who live in Glasgow apply for a blue badge and pensioner housing benefit.

Despite the existence of legislation guaranteeing the right to paperwork in an accessible format, the council refused to provide hard copies of application forms. The lady who needs a blue badge has been told that she needs to ask a friend to use her internet to apply online and that friend will have to apply as she is not digitally capable of doing it herself- same.

The second lady was told she could not have a paper form to apply for housing benefit, but was offered a telephone appointment.

In my experience this is illegal as it discriminates against those who cannot access or use digital services, both women have to pay council tax but are denied access to services because they cannot not use the internet. Why in one of the poorest towns is the council advocating digital exclusion?

Sarah Nicolson

As this red herring is raised again, may I ask if any specific studies have been done on how an independent Scotland would finance itself?

We are told that the UK government subsidizes Scotland to a higher degree per capita than the rest of the UK, and that Scotland provides more free public services than the UK, so how would Scotland- does she face without the financial aid she is currently receiving?

It seems to me that Sturgeon bribed the population with all these gifts in order to obtain votes for independence; a real one trick pony. Independence is a romantic notion, and in the years when we had significant industrial sectors that have now disappeared, that might have been a realistic goal, but it is now a pipe dream. Sturgeon should get back to the real issues facing the country, and there are many.

Mungo Conner

IT’S TIME for all supermarkets to donate to food banks, or even better, create a fairer system for all, raise the living wage as well as create more jobs, training and apprenticeships.

Under £12 an hour these days is slave labor, facts!

Stefan J Donald

TAXI drivers were amazing on Wednesday for the annual trip to Troon.

I was there with my grandson and my daughter. The taxis all had food and toys and the kids also had backpacks full of stuff.

When they arrived at Troon, all of Troon had come out waving and clapping as they passed.

What an amazing day, thank you so much Glasgow Taxis, you put lots of smiles on the faces of the kids as well as the parents.

Margo Mc