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Lagos yellow taxi drivers adopt cashless payment system

Lagos yellow taxi drivers can now collect payment through a digital payment system.

Univasa Nigeria Limited, an information technology company, revealed this during a press conference at the headquarters of the Lagos State Taxi Drivers and Taxi Operators Association (LSTDCOA) on Friday. Oshodi, Lagos.

The company said that through “Check and Pay”, passengers hailing yellow cabs can scan the taxi’s barcode to confirm driver and vehicle details, enter their destination to check and negotiate fares, and select options. preferred payment methods such as card payments. or USSD.

Speaking at the event, Ben Adeniyi, Managing Director of Univasa, said the payment platform was developed to transform the transport system in Lagos State and Nigeria.

“As a Univasa partner driver you enjoy the convenience of receiving your payments instantly through our Instant Cash Out feature, so ‘Cash or Card e doesn’t matter’ as we like to say and for riders we offer you a chance to own your experience while hailing a ride,” he said.

In his remarks, Omolekan Taiwo, President of LSTDCOA, urged association members to embrace technology to drive revenue growth.

He said the association regularly organizes trainings to educate members, especially the elderly, on the use of digital applications.

Congratulating Univasa for the move, Taiwo expressed optimism that it will help improve the association’s reputation as runners will be more assured of their safety.

Univasa has also rolled out its “Drive to Own” empowerment program, which allows drivers of the Univasa ridesharing app to choose a Univasa car as their vehicle of choice to work, make daily installments for a period of 18 at 24 months, which will be deducted from their application income, then the car becomes theirs.

In partnership with Lagos Taxi Drivers, Univasa had launched its carpooling application in December 2020 with a campaign called “Baba dey Online”.