Taxi drivers

Italy: Unionized taxi drivers will go on strike across the country on July 20 and 21

Jul 15, 2022 | 19:52 UTC

Unionized taxi drivers will go on strike across Italy on July 20 and 21; reduced availability of taxis, likely increase in demand for other forms of transport.





Unionized taxi drivers plan to strike across Italy on July 20 and 21 to protest government plans to deregulate the sector. The industrial action has the support of several major driver unions and will therefore likely lead to a reduction in the availability of taxis and an increase in demand for alternative modes of transport.

Drivers have also erected roadblocks or staged slow-motion protests during previous work stoppages and could do so again across the country during the strike period, causing widespread traffic disruption. Police may divert motorists around any roadblocks and/or limit traffic to one lane or direction. Minor skirmishes between police and protesters cannot be ruled out.


Confirm all taxi reservations on July 20 and 21; arrange alternate transportation well in advance of the planned trip. Allow extra time to reach destinations during the strike period. Avoid all demonstrations as a routine safety measure. Do not try to cross the roadblocks erected by the demonstrators.