Taxi drivers

Increase in the number of new taxi drivers in Northern Ireland

The pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis has been difficult for taxi drivers over the past two years as households feel the pinch and rein from evening socials.

However, the number of taxi drivers is actually on the rise, likely due to many families adding side businesses and second jobs to help with rising energy and grocery bills.

Taxi data from Northern Ireland’s largest price comparison website,, has revealed that the number of new taxi drivers in Northern Ireland who have held a taxi badge for less than six months is increased from 5% to 18% from 2021 to 2022 – with an increase in the number of Uber drivers from 6% to 11%.

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Ian Wilson, CEO

The average age of all drivers has also dropped from 50 to 48.

The most common taxi driver remains the one who has held his badge for more than 10 years, ie 52% of all drivers. Northern Ireland is a unique market for taxi drivers, with only a small percentage identifying as Uber drivers, compared to 48% in the rest of the UK.

Data from compares January to May 2021 to January to May 2022 – using a sample of over 45,000 taxi insurance policies across the UK.

Ian Wilson, comparison fare expert and managing director of, said: “Taxi drivers here in Northern Ireland have a very limited choice when it comes to taxi insurance, so we want them to know that they can compare prices and policies with us through our comparison site, to help them find better deals.

“Taxi markings painted on the road, with double yellow lines.”

“Taxi insurance premiums can be expensive, as insurers consider taxi drivers a higher risk due to the longer time they spend on the roads compared to other drivers, but our site can help maintain competitive premiums It’s just a short online form and then we match the details with a few suitable providers who then phone the drivers, when it suits them, to discuss the details – this helps keep the police down too accurate as possible – incorrect details may void the insurance premium.”

There hasn’t been much movement among taxi choices this year, given that waiting lists for new cars are, in some cases, now more than a year old.

The five most popular cars for taxi drivers in Northern Ireland in 2021 and 2022 have been revealed as the Skoda Superb, Mercedes-Benz E220, Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo and Toyota Avensis – in that order , with only the Ford and the Toyota changing places in 2022. has over 650,000 customers in Northern Ireland, with over 200 suppliers.