Taxi drivers

I’m a cyclist and I’m fed up with careless taxi drivers who park on yellow lines and curbs – they think it’s their right

A CITY has been engulfed in a war of words between cyclists and taxi drivers after taxi drivers began parking on double yellow lines and curbs.

A video filmed by a cycling activist in Worcester, Worcs., sparked chaos after he blasted a long line of taxis stretching far beyond a designated taxi rank.


Camera footage shows a long line of taxis parked on the yellow doubles and the pavement – stretching far beyond the taxi rank in WorcesterCredit: Twitter

The helmet-camera clip, shared by Dan Brothwell, president of Bike Worcester, shows a taxi almost fully assembled on the pavement.

And he pulls out a second cabin to overlook in a bus lane.

They are part of a line of six at-fault cabs – but activist Badly Parked Worcester’s Twitter page has slammed the council for the scenes breaking out ‘every weekend’ on Foregate Street.

Despite the apparent regularity of the offenses, the activist says that “nothing seems to change”.

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Talk to Worcester NewsMr Brothwell snapped: “I would suggest publicly communicating to drivers that this is unacceptable, followed by fines if it continues.

“It is clear that the double yellow lines indicate that taxis should not be parked there.”

He also accused taxis that break the rules that park on the sidewalk of blocking the path of pedestrians on the sidewalk and making life miserable for wheelchair and stroller users.

Mr Brothwell then lambasted taxi drivers for “damaging” curbs before pointing out the pollution dangers posed by idling cars.

“From a cycling perspective, it forces me to go further down the road, which increases conflicts with drivers,” he added.

Vehicles are also forced into a bus lane as the road becomes too narrow for two cars to pass when taxis are parked.

But local councilor Besherat Ali said taxi drivers had “no choice” after being stripped of their places by private cars.

He said: “I have almost 100 taxi drivers in my neighborhood alone and I know their concerns.

“Worcester City Council to check this area at weekends as many taxi driver spaces are used by private cars.”

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He sided with taxi drivers by arguing that it is virtually impossible for them to make a living if they have nowhere to park.

A spokesman for Worcester City Council told The Sun Online: ‘We will be discussing this matter with taxi drivers and considering increasing patrols in the area by our civilian law enforcement officers.

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