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GoaMiles ready to offer electric vehicles and accommodation for taxi drivers

October 19, 2022 | 07:14 IST

GoaMiles ready to offer electric vehicles and accommodation for taxi drivers

Team Herald

VASCO: Transportation Minister Mauvin Godinho said GoaMiles is willing to offer electric vehicles (EVs) and accommodations to taxi drivers in the state.

Godinho, who inaugurated the GoaMiles counter at Dabolim airport, said the company plans to convert around 100 taxis to electric vehicles at no additional cost and then increase the number of electric vehicles from 200 to 300. The GoaMiles is also willing to provide free accommodation for taxi drivers.

The state government is also planning to launch a pension scheme for taxi operators.

Godinho assured United Taximen Union operating Yellow and Black Taxi at the airport that he will keep his word and will not work against their interests and urged them not to make mistakes. The government has accepted their demands to have two counters at the airport, but the union does not believe it at the moment, he said, assuring them that the government will protect their interests.

“We want to have both taxi services so people have choice as we embrace new technology,” he said.

Stating that GoaMiles will continue to operate at the airport, Godinho said the government would support taxi operators if they wanted to start their own app service. But he regretted that despite several requests over the past two years this had not happened and called on taxi operators to contact the government if they had any problems.

The minister also ordered the RTO and the police to arrest all soliciting and illegal taxi operators at the airport for the good of both operators.