Taxi drivers

From Iceland – Taxi drivers’ unions frustrated with bill

Two taxi driver unions are speaking out against Infrastructure Minister Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson’s taxi driving bill, reports To visit.

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The bill will limit work requirements, ultimately leading to unequal competition and job losses for taxi drivers. The Frami Taxi Drivers Association and the Icelandic Taxi Drivers Association joined together to write a response listing their fears to the Minister.

“No consideration was given to the many and varied comments from taxi drivers on the previous draft [of the bill] – the profession that, by definition, has the most knowledge about the industry,” the review read.

The report further indicates that the potential consequences of the bill have not been thoroughly examined. Taxi drivers say the bill is troubling because the minister is trying to push it through ignoring arguments and suggestions from taxi drivers.

Following recent scandals with Uber in other countries, Icelandic taxi drivers are wondering if Uber plays a part in the bill. Uber executives are known to influence politicians and journalists across Europe and taxi drivers are curious if this is happening in Iceland.

“It is likely that Icelandic politicians – like politicians across the continent – are influenced by Uber’s subversive activities,” the report read.

Read the full report here.