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FCT Senate: NNPP candidate backed by taxi drivers – The Sun Nigeria

From Okwe Obi, Abuja

Ahead of the 2023 poll, Abuja’s painted taxi drivers endorsed the Federal Capital Territory senatorial candidate on the Nigeria New People’s Party (NNPP) platform, Mubarak Tijjani.

Yesterday in Abuja, Chairman of Painted Abuja Taxi Nigeria Limited, Shehu Yaradua, expressed his belief that Tijjani would protect the interests of the union if elected.

He said the union would mobilize more than 8,000 members in its database to campaign and secure victory for the NNPP in the FCT Senate ballot.

Yaradua denounced the attitude of past and outgoing FCT senators who sought the support of the union while seeking votes and abandoned it when elected, adding that this was the reason why its members had defected from their different political parties.

He said the main issues facing painted taxi drivers in Abuja were double taxation where each of the six zonal councils would require payment of a daily operational ticket, and demanded a unified daily ticket to allow members to drive freely from one area council to another.

In response, Mubarak Tijjani assured the union of effective representation that would meet all their challenges and provide an enabling environment for their business to succeed. He said the issues of double taxation and restricted areas of operation would be resolved if he won the senatorial seat.

The NNPP candidate also promised to ensure that all cars used for taxis in Abuja are painted, including Uber and Bolt cars, and owned by Painted Taxi Drivers Nigeria Limited under the leadership of the union.

He urged them to get their NNPP membership and INEC permanent voter cards as the first step to a desired and deserved new Nigerian citizen. He also urged politicians to imbibe issue-oriented campaigning and avoid violence in all its ramifications, which has hampered the country’s democratic process.

Tijjani urged the electoral arbiter to provide a level playing field for all political parties and their candidates participating in the elections, saying that the mandate of the electorate is sacrosanct and must be respected because power belongs to the people.

He commended the commission for the introduction of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) designed to replace smart card readers for verification and authentication as part of improving the voter accreditation process and the uploading of polling station results to the INEC Results Visualization Portal (IReV) on election day, adding that the electronic transmission of results has enhanced public confidence in the electoral process.

Tijjani urged FCT residents to collect their permanent voter cards and vote en masse for a new Nigeria that the NNPP represents. He promised to attract people-oriented projects and empowerment programs that would transform Abuja if elected in February 2023.