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False claim that we don’t use meters, taxi drivers say | Goa News

Taxi owners have said the chief minister should compare their bank balances with those of his ministers to check who looted from the public

Panaji: members of All-Goa Taxi The trade union association on Monday refuted Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s accusation that taxi operators are not use the meters in their vehicles.
“It’s a fake claim that we don’t use the digital meters,” one operator said. “We are parked at the airport, train stations and bus stops. It is not possible to start the vehicle from these stops without the digital speedometer.
In Azad Maidan, Panaji, the All-Goa Taxi Union Association on Monday protested against the state’s decision to launch app-based aggregation services like Ola and Uber in Goa.
TOI reported July 14 that Sawant, speaking in the House, said taxi drivers installed the meters but were “covering it with a towel.” “They don’t use them,” he said.
Another operator, however, justified the action. “There are several tourists who come from big cities, who insist on paying a lump sum instead of paying by the meter. For our livelihood, we have no choice but to comply with these customers,” did he declare.
The taxi drivers objected to the Chief Minister’s claim that they were looting people.
“We are asking the chief minister to check our bank balance and compare it with the bank balance of ministers in his cabinet and then conclude who really plundered the public,” he said.
The operators also claimed that although GoaMiles is an app-based service, there are no positive results from its operations. They demanded that the government put their trust in them and fix things instead of inviting app-based taxi aggregator services to Goa.
They said taxi operators in Goa were struggling for survival and needed government cooperation to move Swayampurna Goem forward.
A taxi operator said the government must end discrimination against them as some taxi operators in the transport minister’s constituency have not put up meters and are still operating from Dabolim.


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