Taxi drivers

Cops warn taxi drivers transporting criminals, stolen goods

Shardine Bock

ERONGO Regional Commander for Community Affairs Ileni Shapumba has warned taxi drivers transporting criminals and stolen property that legal action will be taken against them.

This follows the alleged involvement of two taxi drivers in recent robberies and burglaries in Swakopmund.

“Again, it is clear that taxis and taxi drivers are used to transport criminals as well as stolen property. It should be clear to taxi drivers and owners that if this continues we need to arrest the drivers, seize the vehicles and investigate the owners,” Shapumba said.

He says the police have come across such incidents on several occasions.

“Most of the cases came out positive whether taxi drivers were knowingly or unknowingly used but didn’t even notify the police,” he says.

An employee of Woermann & Brock Hardware in Swakopmund was allegedly robbed by a group of men outside the Spar supermarket on Monday as he was traveling by bicycle to deposit N$1,900 in a bank.

Shapumba says the men threatened the employee with a knife, cut his backpack and ran back to a taxi with its license plate covered.

The taxi driver sped off to Walvis Bay with all the suspects, he said.

Five suspects were arrested, including the taxi driver.

In a separate incident, items worth N$25,000 were stolen from a house in Mondesa, Swakopmund on Saturday night.

The suspects allegedly forced open the door of the house with an unknown object, entered and stole a television, a stereo, 1,000 Namibian dollars in cash, clothes and shoes.

The suspects were arrested on Sunday while traveling in a Walvis Bay registered taxi on the B2 road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Police also found two additional TVs and two laptops believed to have been stolen.

They arrested a Zimbabwean (40), two Namibians and the taxi driver.

Police investigations are continuing and the suspects were due to appear in court yesterday.