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Cape Town’s new Loop taxi app will give commuters safer journeys at cheaper prices

Clarence Ford spoke with Loop team members Jamie Wyngaard and Imtiyaaz Riley.

– A South African mobility tech start-up called Loop has launched an online taxi hailing service for commuters in Cape Town

– The app has been sanctioned by the Western Cape Government

Loop said it aimed to offer the convenience of an on-demand service like Uber with the affordability of a conventional taxi.

Riley, who founded the app, said the team wanted to optimize the taxi system by ensuring commuters are safe and efficient.

In addition, they have developed a wallet system to eliminate the risk of theft using cash.

So what we do at Loop is we provide a platform for minibus drivers and passengers to connect using location-based technology and digital payments.

Imtiyaaz Riley, founder of Loop

Loop member Wyngaard said he saw there was a need for shuttle service.

Sometimes you want to drink, you want to do a wine tasting and you can’t go there with three four cars or three Ubers when you can just put everyone in a taxi.

Loop member Jamie Wyngaard

This business approach benefits both parties. Drivers are happy to receive revenue while commuters enjoy the benefits of paying a cheaper fare, he said.

We’re not going to say these are the new rules, we’re saying that if you’re operating normally, all we’re doing is improving the system a bit.

Loop member Jamie Wyngaard

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