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Bulgaria: taxi drivers demonstrate en masse after the murder of one of their colleagues last night –

Taxi Drivers organize a mass demonstration after their colleague Hristo Traikov was killed last night in the “Rassadnika” district of Sofia. Demanding that the Home Office do its job and thwart criminals who commit murder, the Drivers demonstrated in front of the third department of the capital’s regional police, and at night they also blocked traffic on Orlov Most in the capital. Shortly before 7 a.m. the blockade was lifted, but the demonstration the preparation remains, confirmed Krasimir Tsvetkov, president of the National Taxi Union.

For the BNR, he explained:

We will be extremely cautious as to the evolution of this case and the measures that the prosecution will now take against the murderers of our colleague. We are examining exactly what our continued actions will be in the coming days and we expect to make specific requests in a few hours regarding changes to the regulatory framework, related to the equipment of taxis regarding the safety of colleagues – panic button, video recorders , connection to 112, response from the police authorities in the event of a problem, etc.“.

What happened last night

A 34 year old man Taxi driver died after a fight that broke out following a minor accident in Sofia Saturday evening.

The accident occurred at the intersection of small streets “Riben Boukar” and “Hushov” in the residential area. “Rassadnika” – just opposite the first general hospital “St. Sofia(formerly “Tina Kirkova”).

According to the BNR, the man came into conflict with another driver, aged 23, with whom they lightly bumped their cars and a fight ensued. BNT reports that the 23-year-old has a criminal record for driving after drinking alcohol, as well as amphetamines.

According to “Trud”, which refers to eyewitnesses, a car driven by a young girl entered a one-way street. Opposite, in violation, a Taxi the car was moving. The driver’s companion urged the Taxi driver to reverse because the street is one-way. An argument ensues, which escalates into an exchange of blows. At some point, the two stopped fighting. However, the Taxi driver called colleagues and friends. The arriving “reinforcement” jumped on the passenger of the other car. Passers-by intervened and succeeded in ending the melee. Surprisingly, however, the Taxi driver collapsed to the ground.

Doctors arrived and performed CPR. The reasons for the Taxi driver’s death are being clarified. The police arrested the other participant in the fight – a 23-year-old man.

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