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Bukit Jalil taxi drivers lose ‘last mile’ customers to escooter service

EVERY day, a group of taxi drivers wait patiently to transport passengers disembarking at Bukit Jalil Light Rail Station near Bukit Jalil Stadium to their next stop.

After losing much of their business to ride-sharing companies, these taxi drivers are now banking on LRT station customers to hire them for the last mile of their journey.

But it hasn’t been rosy for them since a Singapore-based e-scooter sharing service started placing scooters at the bus stop near the LRT station.

“Now people, especially the younger generation, tend to use the scooters to get home or to nearby malls, which used to be our fare,” said a driver who did not want to be identified. only by Raj.

“They prefer to use scooters to get to their final destination and there’s nothing we can do about that,” he said.

“We wait all day, sometimes from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., to transport people to and from the LRT station to nearby condominiums and commercial stores,” said Rahman, another taxi driver.

He said taxi drivers barely earn RM70 a day now, even though they earned around RM100 before the scooters came.

He said: “Escooter companies don’t even have permission to operate here and I know the stadium (Bukit Jalil) has banned them inside the premises so they place the scooters outside. bus stop.”

Escooter user Mohd Razi, who works at Endah Parade, said he used the Escooter in Bukit Jalil to get to work.

“My workplace is nearby but not within walking distance.

“I used to take a taxi and it cost around RM5 to RM8.

“If I choose a courier, it can be up to RM10 or RM15.

“But the scooter only costs RM2, so I use the scooters now,” he said.

Another scooter user, Roger Wong, prefers two-wheelers to get around the area because it’s cheap, fast and convenient.

“No worries at all. I will continue to use it because it suits me,” he said.

When StarMetro visited the area recently, escooters were left at the bus stop, some blocking the touch lane.

Because they don’t have a dock, many two-wheelers clog up trails and roads.

Down the road, many two-wheelers were either left on the side of the road, leaning against trees, or left by curbs.

At Bukit Jalil National Stadium, the management has banned the use of scooters on its premises.

“Banning them from the premises was for security reasons,” stadium spokesman Noriza Md Ali said.

“There are a lot of joggers here. There was a concern that the scooter riders would drive fast and we saw that as a safety risk,” Noriza added.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall said complaints of obstruction and abandonment of escooters have been pouring in daily via DBKL hotlines.