Taxi drivers

Blatant Sexual Harassment by Taxi Drivers Affects Women

Serious concerns are being raised by some women as they say some taxi drivers have sexually harassed them and indecently annoyed them.

Speaking to fijivillage, a resident of Navua says there have been incidents where a taxi driver touched his hand and insisted on taking him for coffee and dinner.

Meanwhile, a resident of Suva says that when she took a taxi, the driver was friendly and after that, the taxi driver started asking her if she wanted to earn easy money.

She says it happened several times and she got off before at her house because she didn’t want the taxi driver to know where she stayed.

They did not report the matter to the police as they believed no action would be taken.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said if a report is filed, the matter will be investigated.

Meanwhile, Fiji Women’s Crisis Center Coordinator Shamima Ali says Fiji has one of the highest rates of such crimes against women and girls, and a concerted effort is needed to ensure that LTA, bus companies, taxi companies, utility companies and unions work together. have policies in place.

She adds that it has been a recurring case for years where public service drivers have sexually harassed women and girls, especially young girls, as they are more vulnerable.

Ali says there have been instances where women have come to the crisis center when harassed with personal matters. She says women who worked at night were also arrested and raped, then taken home or to their place of work.

She adds that they do counseling when women go to the crisis center because incidents like this cause a lot of trauma, especially when women have to use taxis to get to work every day.

Ali says some women stop going to work because they have to deal with this stuff and it affects them.

She says counselors make sure they know the law and what to look into if the person decides to take the matter to court.