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Auto and taxi drivers in Delhi are today starting a 2-day strike over rising fuel prices

Car and taxi drivers’ strike: The strike was not called off despite assurances from the Delhi government.

New Delhi:

In protest against soaring fuel prices, members of the Automobile, Taxi and Taxi Drivers Associations of Delhi have decided to go on strike from Monday for two days.

Several car and taxi driver unions are demanding that fares be raised and fuel prices be reduced. The strike was not called off despite assurances from the Delhi government to resolve their issues. The Delhi government had announced the formation of a committee to consider tariff review within a specified timeframe.

Auto and Taxi Association of Delhi, a unit of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, announced a strike in Delhi on April 18-19. They claim that a large number of automobiles and taxis will not be circulating on the streets of Delhi these two days.

Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh General Secretary, Rajendra Soni, in a telephone conversation with ANI, alleged that the central government and the Delhi government were disregarding their demands.

He said they wrote a letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on March 30 outlining their demands including subsidies on CNG prices. “We haven’t received a response from the government. We staged a protest for two days and are now forced to strike,” he said.

Listing the demands of the car and taxi unions, Mr Soni said: ‘We don’t want the fare to increase because it will also affect the pockets of ordinary people. Our only demand is that the government does not increase the price of fuel and give us a subsidy on CNG prices We demand that the government give a subsidy of Rs 35 per kg on CNG prices.

Mr. Soni assured that the demonstration would be peaceful; however, he warned that some elements – pro-government – ​​might try to disrupt the protest.

However, many other unions associated with the automobile and taxi industries are not joining this strike. Delhi State Chairman of Capital Driver Welfare Association, Chandu Chaurasia told ANI that Gramin Seva and the e-rickshaw will not participate in the strike on April 18-19.

“As usual, we will continue to serve the people of Delhi,” he said. However, Chaurasia also supported the GNC grant application and said we should definitely get some relief.

Sarvodaya Drivers’ Association of Delhi chairman Kamaljeet Gill said Ola and Uber taxi drivers would go on strike from April 18. government did not pay attention. During those seven years, the prices of CNG and gasoline started to skyrocket,” he said.

Mr Singh also said the protest will not stop until a solution to the problem is found. “We have support from Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. Strikes will also start there tomorrow,” he added.

The price of CNG is currently Rs 71.61 per kg in Delhi.