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App-based taxi services will soon be available in Goa, says CM

On Wednesday, the Chief Minister of Goa made a big announcement. He was firm on the introduction of app-based taxi service in the state of Goa. He said I wanted to assure you that in a few days app based taxis will be available. Earlier, Goa Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho made a similar announcement in which he said he wanted to introduce an app-based taxi service in the private taxi lobby.

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As we have seen in many places, taxis fear app-based taxi services because taxi owners believe that private taxi services will destabilize their industry to a great extent. As the taxi union was offended by app-based taxis, Sawant assured the public that the issue with local taxis would soon be resolved.

As technology is developing all over the world, app-based taxis have become very popular over time. This has transformed the taxi industry enormously. People feel more comfortable and convenient when traveling in a pre-booked taxi or an app-based taxi rather than a normal taxi. The main reasons behind this are the normal taxi drivers refusing to get in, if the person is late they don’t have a chance to tell the taxi driver the directions if the manager doesn’t know the directions.

Pre-booked are transparent and convenient and allow the person to choose between the many options. In view of the current situation, the Minister of Transport has left the choice to the consumer. The Minister of Transport is in favor of introducing app-based taxis in Goa.

Goa miles is a company that is in the same field as app-based taxi services. Over the years, he managed to integrate more than 1500 taxis into the system. This has benefited taxi drivers entering the interiors of Goa. The main drawback is that taxi services are hampered due to the physical strength and rowdy behavior of local taxi drivers who enjoy political support or union support.

Legal sanctions must be taken against them. Overvaluation becomes a problem considered highly unethical. Public transport in Goa is nothing short of a nightmare, especially for the elderly population of Goa. App-based taxi services will be more efficient. It will therefore be introduced

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