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Apna Bhada’s Murtuza Ali launches ‘free taxi services’ from Delhi airport

New Delhi

Recently, Murtuza Ali, the founder of Apna Bhada, an app-based taxi platform that offers customers to book safe, reliable and comfortable rides, officially launched his FreeTaxi services from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

The newly launched taxi services will be available for people at both domestic and international terminals. Apna Bhada’s move was aimed at providing convenience, comfort and accessibility to the thousands of travelers arriving at IGI airport. According to Murtuza Ali, the founder and owner of Apna Bhada, the move will bring huge relief to people who previously had to wait minutes and sometimes hours for a taxi to arrive.

Officially launched in the West State of Goa on April 23, 2021, this initiative by Apna Bhada was a success for about a year during which time they proved they could easily expand to other cities as well. Riding on the success of Goa, later on April 22, Apna Bhadha was also introduced in Delhi. Under the newly launched initiative, anyone from domestic and international terminals wishing to book a taxi can do so easily if they have the Apna Bhada mobile app by simply clicking on their current location and typing in their drop off location .

Speaking further about the initiative, Murtuza Ali, the Founder and Owner of Apna Bhada said, “I am an entrepreneur myself and have to visit New Delhi many times and so I clearly understand that the airport of Delhi is one of the busiest.Often I see people waiting for their taxi for hours and to solve this problem and with the aim of bringing relief to them, I have started this initiative of free taxi services.I believe personally that Apna Bhada can be a revolution in taxi service and public transport in this country.India is a country that still has a plethora of transport problems as there are limited number of taxis available but thanks to our agendas and business plans, we will soon have more taxis in our name. we do not make any revenue from customers, but we will from advertisements. Our plan is to provide low cost advertisements and generate our revenue thanks to that.

Apna Bhada’s Free Taxi initiative is not only available in Delhi-NCR but is also available in cities like Goa, Mumbai and Bengalauru and according to Murtuza Ali, the Apna Bhada team is in the mode of expanding rapidly and the intuitive will soon be launching in other cities as well. Apna Bhada is a rapidly growing brand in the transportation and taxi services segment and took a giant step during the COVID-19 phase when it was on the streets to help people get to train stations and the airports.

Murtaza Ali, the owner and founder of Apna Bhada has a great experience in the mobility industry and he has a very sharp vision of the future mobility market. He said, “We can make transportation free if we put in little effort. In the current scenario where fuel prices are continuously rising, we need to think about how we can provide affordable transportation to ordinary people. After several years of extensive research and analysis, the idea of ​​creating Apna Bhada came to my mind and I launched it in the hope of helping the ordinary citizens of this country.” Apna Bhada not only provides free taxi services but is also a brand that helps many drivers who have joined as Driver Partner by providing them with a reliable and stable source of income.

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