Taxi drivers

Amid rising fuel prices, autos, taxi drivers hold statewide tape

Hyderabad: Telangana State Taxis and Drivers Joint Action Committee (JAC) and Automobile Drivers JAC staged a protest outside the Road Transport Authority (RTA) Commissioner’s office on Monday, against center policies and state neglect of workers.

“The strike is aimed at fighting for the legitimate implementation of policies, including increasing car rates, issuing car licenses, reducing the increase in insurance, creating a council of well- be car drivers, the ban on illegal driving of automobiles in other districts and the issue of 20,000 auto licenses in the city of Greater Hyderabad,” said Indian Trades Union Congress (AITUC), Secretary of State, B Venkatesam.

They argued that although the central government approved the taxi aggregator policy in 2020, the state has not ensured its implementation.

The Indian government has defined the meaning of aggregator, through guidelines on motor vehicle aggregators, as digital mediators or marketplaces for passengers to connect with a driver for transportation purposes.

“The unions fought for their rights. We have tried to communicate with the state, but have been denied appointments, time and time again, with commissioners and ministers, so far,” said Shaik Salauddin, founder and chairman of the state. of Telangana Four Wheel Drivers’ Association.

With rising diesel and gasoline prices, taxi drivers are facing financial problems as 20-30%, a large part of their income is absorbed by taxi aggregators.

Union members are demanding that IT and government taxi services be regulated and that a vigilance commission be set up to investigate negligence and tampering within the services.

In the IT sector, drivers lose a lot of money because many mediators and subcontractors are involved.

“Companies like Wipro and Genpact use taxi services through a number of contractors and the driver ends up with small sums after subtracting commission for each supplier. On a standard Rs 650 for a round trip, the driver only receives Rs 450,” Salauddin said.

Workers are currently appealing to IT Minister KT Rama Rao and IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan to help resolve these issues,” he added.

The union leader also alleged that salaries for government drivers had not increased since 2017 amid rising diesel and petrol prices.

“The salaries of these drivers have been set at Rs 34,000 per month, since 2017, although the price of petrol has been increased. Moreover, these salaries have been pending for months now,” he added.

The JACs asked the State to organize a meeting to discuss the workers’ problems.