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All-female taxi services are gaining momentum in Venezuela

Driving a car in Caracas can be a dangerous experience and for many women taking a taxi even more so. That’s why an all-female taxi service is growing in Venezuela’s capital.

A group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs are breaking down barriers with an all-female taxi service. The new company is called Pink Taxi and it is the first Venezuelan taxi service exclusively driven by women for women.

This female taxi company hopes to help Venezuelan women feel safe and provide a solution to their transportation needs.

Sarah Longa, 16, is a Venezuelan student who often takes taxis, she says she feels safer with a woman behind the wheel.

“I had an unpleasant experience when I took a taxi and two men got into the car on each side. It was horrible, I never wanted to take a taxi on the street again.”

Her driver is Odry Guerra, 42, a university professor and mother of two, who is looking to earn some extra cash.

“It’s been a huge help for all of us, to pay school fees for my children, to buy food, it’s really a huge help,” Guerra said.

Pink Taxi was launched six months ago, first as a delivery service amid the coronavirus pandemic and then as a taxi company. The founding members decided to address women.

Carolina Armada is the general manager of around 20 drivers who started the operation in November 2021.

“The idea was to provide a service by women for women, where you feel confident in any occasion, whether it’s going to work, to a party or taking your children to school,” explained Armada.

As in many cities around the world the majority of taxi drivers here are male, Pink Taxi says it wants to prove that women can play a key role in a male-dominated industry.

Ivette Ugueto is another driver working for Pink Taxi and says the job requires more than driving skills.

She says it also sends a powerful message to empower women across the city.

“I love the concept by women for women, because we are also capable of doing it, why not?” Ugueto says it’s a matter of professional equality. “I don’t see a gender or difference issue, if a person wants to carry another person, they don’t have to be a man.”

Pink Taxi plans to expand its operations to other Venezuelan cities, putting its feminine stamp on every ride.

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