Taxi drivers

Accused pleads guilty to robbing two taxi drivers in Cork City

A CORK man who robbed two taxi drivers to pay for his heroin addiction wants help from the probation service while in custody.

William Cambridge appeared in Cork Circuit Criminal Court where he upheld the signed guilty pleas he had previously entered in the District Court.

Judge Helen Boyle remanded the accused in custody pending sentencing on 4 November.

One of the taxi driver’s theft charges relates to €160 stolen on October 6, 2021 in Spring Lane, The Glen. Cork.

The other happened less than a week later on October 12, 2021, at Glentrasna Drive, The Glen, Cork, when €80 was stolen.

Garda Keith Shire said at an earlier hearing when the defendant was arrested on a related charge that the gardaí objected to bail being granted to the defendant.

“This case concerns an attempted robbery of a taxi driver at knifepoint. He allegedly threatened the driver with a knife. There is very strong evidence. The accused was captured on CCTV.

“The driver took a fare from Sun Cabs in Mayfield where there is very high quality CCTV. He wore very distinctive clothes.

“Later in Assumption Road a man was seen on CCTV running from the direction of the taxi – a short distance away – and throwing away a jacket worn in the incident.

“We are very concerned about his very unstructured lifestyle at the moment. He admits to a very heavy addiction to heroin at the moment.

“He started taking it eight months ago and uses it for €100 a day. He would have difficulty remembering events and controlling his actions.

“He is currently not employed. He has no way to fund this habit.

“Gardaí believe he would be committing a crime to fund this habit,” said Garda Shire in Cambridge, who was previously from Mangerton Close, The Glen, Cork, said he was waiting to attend a drug treatment program and that he had to start one.

The defendant’s mother said her son needed help with his drug problem.

Now in circuit court, Judge Helen Boyle heard a defense submission that he would benefit from a probation report.

The judge was told by defense attorney Emmet Boyle that the root cause of the defendant’s offense was heroin addiction and that he wanted help from the probation service.