Taxi app

A new taxi app is coming to Bath to wow locals

Image credit: Taxis SWOOP

A new taxi and private hire booking app in Bath called TAXI SWOOOP launched, using a localized management team and specific services in Bath, Somerset and surrounding areas.

The new service offers airport and train station transfers for travelers to and from Bath, as well as shorter journeys, with 24/7 availability.

A completely dematerialized service, SWOOP accepts reservations via an application that can be downloaded free of charge on Android or iPhone smartphones. Users who choose to register can:

  • Create an account to book a taxi in advance or on demand.

  • Enter the start and end destination of their trip and select an appropriate vehicle if they are traveling in a group or need a larger car.

  • Customers pay cash or card directly to the driver for ultimate control and ease.

The creators of the new service say the benefits of booking a taxi through an app are that a customer can track the vehicle, view live updates on the expected arrival time and receive timely information. real about potential delays.

SWOOP promises to offer competitive pricing, with the expected cost displayed in the app, including details of the maximum number of people and luggage the selected vehicle can carry.

Problems with a lack of public transport outside normal hours, the scarcity and unavailability of taxis have long been a problem for people in Bath who cannot drive or park near their place of work but have difficult to book a taxi with confidence.

The SWOOP taxi service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with instant visibility into the availability of nearby cars and how long they will take to arrive. It is hoped that the service will solve the problems of travelers who need to be transported away from central centers such as the city center and Bath Spa station, where taxis are more likely to be found waiting.

Applicants can be both Bath licensed private drivers or hackney drivers. They receive support from the management team, full access to the app to accept new bookings and no waiting for payment as they are paid by the customer at the point of travel.

A SWOOP Taxis spokesperson said: “We are delighted to finally be able to share the SWOOP Taxis app with the people of Bath! Our talented team includes knowledgeable and experienced drivers and managers who operate or drive taxis locally and nationally. for years. SWOOP has been carefully developed because we knew we wanted a scalable app that would make every aspect of booking a car fun, fast and user-friendly. In the coming months, SWOOP plans to make a big difference to the community of Bath, providing , trustworthy taxi services for journeys near and far.”

SWOOP was launched on 01/09/22, and the application is now available for download on the App store and google play.